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2014-03-28 : - Gold Sponsors

Our latest Gold Sponsors are Here’s a word from them:

Founded in 2006, is the number one curated online marketplace in the world. We’re on a mission to find the most original, inspirational products, crafted by the best small creative businesses across the UK and internationally. is changing the face of enterprise by supporting small (and growing) businesses, offering a route to market for designer-makers and manufacturers who would otherwise struggle in the battle with high street giants.

Our engineering team has built a website loved by millions, the tools that give a livelihood to thousands, and the platform to support it all. We’re passionate about great software, agile development, happy collaboration, empowered small teams…and we’re always learning.

2014-03-19 : Arnold Clark - Platinum Sponsors

Big thanks to Arnold Clark, who are our new Platinum Sponsors. And now for a word from them:

Arnold Clark sells cars (lots of cars, actually – around 250,000 last year). But selling cars doesn’t rest solely with our salesmen.

One of the reasons for our continued success is substantial investment in our cross-functional Agile web development team. They may not be able to valet your Volvo or service your Skoda, but they do serve up awesome content to our 1 million+ monthly website visitors.

We build Service Oriented applications using Ruby, Rails and Sinatra, functional languages like Clojure, and cool Javascript technology, including Grunt, Node.js and the latest MVC frameworks. We’ve already delivered some superb projects – and there are far more to come.

Agile development allows us to fully utilize the creative talents of our development and design teams to achieve our business goals. Designers, developers and Product Owners are all part of the same marketing department in a company that is continuing to improve on 60 years’ experience in the motor trade. It’s more ‘think outside the box’ than ‘out-the-box solution’.

We have some really exciting greenfield projects on the horizon, and we have freedom in how to approach these challenges, with the latest technologies at our disposal. Plus, we receive a performance-related bonus of up to 15%, discounts on cars and servicing, a 27” iMac and second screen, and access to a sizeable training and conference budget.

We’re always looking for talented and passionate web developers to join – and enhance – our current team. If you’re interested, , and you can pop in to see what we’re working on.

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