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2014-05-13 : 5K Times

Here are the 5k times, for a fairly brutal course - 211m / 694 ft total climb:

Name Number Time
Julian Barrable 168 21m 4s
Lukas 157 23m
Donald 155 23m 4s
Joe Roberts 164 24m 31s
Karl Oakes 165 25m 10s
Todd Kaufman 169 26m 14s
Bill Horsman 167 27m 27s
Matt Wynne 160 28m 12s
Glenn Proctor 162 28m 17s
Pablo Vicente 161 28m 23s
Hassan Gibril 159 28m 26s
Ben Aldred 163 28m 59s
Chris Parsons 144 30m 32s
Marcin Bajer 166 31m 1s
Jiggy Pete 156 33m 40s
Nick Thomas 145 43m 30s
ntlk 158 44m 44s

Well done all.

2014-05-11 : Keynote lost - Brianna Wu

Brianna Wu is unable to make it to keynote at this year’s Scottish Ruby Conference. Instead we will be finishing at 17:15 on Monday

Sorry for any disappointment; we hope you can use the time to better enjoy Crieff Hydro and the company of your fellow Rubyists.

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